About Us

Khristell Aguilar
-Gerente General

"You can count on us and our team of technicians to give your cases our individual attention.”

Why Partner with Us?

Quality Products
At Smith-Sterling, we are committed to providing quality restorations. Our dedicated team of technicians ensures that each case is fabricated with an unsurpassed degree of precision. Equipped with the finest equipment and materials, our trained staff works hard to produce consistently beautiful restorations that exude a natural look and fit.

Skilled Staff
Costa Rica boasts the highest education standards in all of Central America. This pays dividends in that nearly all of the technicians employed at Smith-Sterling have graduated from the dental technology program at the University of Cartago. What’s more, we continually train our technicians to ensure that your cases exceed your expectations.

Low Costs
Reduced local labor costs are combined with computer-controlled laboratory technologies to ensure that your cases are both economical and high quality. At Smith-Sterling, we are committed to offering services at a fair value. Being American owned and operated, you can rest easy that cases sent to Smith-Sterling will please clinician and patient alike.

Free Shipping
Smith-Sterling offers free shipping every day. There is no change for one inbound and one outbound shipment per case. With our economically priced services and no-cost shipping, you can prescribe outstanding restorations at a fair price. Additional overnight shipments and rush services incur fees.