Turnaround Times

What Is a Turnaround Time?

Consistent on-time delivery is important to the growth of your practice and to the satisfaction of your patients. When you partner with Smith-Sterling, you can schedule patient appointments with confidence. Our CAD/CAM processes enable us to deliver your cases quickly while maintaining quality. The turnaround time is the number of working days it takes Smith-Sterling to complete your case, not including shipping days. The time of pickup and delivery may affect turnaround time. Working times are not guaranteed and do not include weekends or holidays. Rush orders must be prescheduled by calling 800-395-8205.


Service Turnaround Time
Obsidian® Pressed to Metal – non-precious 7 Working Days
Obsidian Pressed to Metal – white noble 7 Working Days
Obsidian Pressed to Metal – white high noble 7 Working Days
Captek™ YHN 7 Working Days
Yellow High Noble Alloy 7 Working Days


Service Turnaround Time
Full-Cast Yellow Noble Alloy 7 Working Days
Full-Cast YHN Alloy 7 Working Days
Full-Cast YHN Alloy 7 Working Days
Full-Cast WHN Alloy 7 Working Days
Non-Precious 7 Working Days


Service Turnaround Time
BruxZir® Full-Strength 5 Working Days
BruxZir Anterior 5 Working Days
IPS e.max® 5 Working Days
Prismatik Clinical Zirconia™ 7 Working Days
Generic Zirconia 7 Working Days
IPS Empress® 7 Working Days


Service Turnaround Time
Camouflage® 7 Working Days
Maryland Bridge 7 Working Days


Service Turnaround Time
Hi-Tech Temps 7 Working Days
Comfort H/S™ Bite Splint (hard/soft) 2 Working Days
Comfort Bite Splint (hard) 2 Working Days
Semi-Hard Nightguard 2 Working Days
Soft Nightguard 2 Working Days
Diagnostic Wax-Up 7 Working Days


Service Turnaround Time
Obsidian Pressed to non-precious 9 Working Days
Obsidian Pressed to white noble 9 Working Days
Obsidian Pressed to white high noble 9 Working Days
Captek YHN 9 Working Days
PFM Yellow High Noble Alloy 9 Working Days
BruxZir Full-Strength 9 Working Days
BruxZir Anterior 9 Working Days
Prismatik Clinical Zirconia 9 Working Days
Generic Zirconia 9 Working Days
IPS e.max Press 9 Working Days


Service Turnaround Time
Inclusive® Titanium Abutment 8 Working Days
Inclusive Zirconia Abutment with Ti-Base 8 Working Days
White Noble Abutment 8 Working Days
Prepare existing implant abutment 8 Working Days


Service Turnaround Time
BruxZir Solid Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis Working Times Vary