Advantages of Digital Impressions

Improved Precision with Digital Impressions

47% reduction in crown remakes due to margin issues
32% reduction in crown remakes due to fit issues
34% reduction in crown remakes due to occlusion issues
Save $20 per unit off the list price

When you transmit a digital impression and request a model-less restoration, we deduct the cost of the model and die work, saving you $20 off the list price (call or email for fee schedule). You’ll also save $40 off the per unit list price of Inclusive® Custom Abutments or screw-retained implant crowns. This eliminates any possibility of rotational error that can occur with silicone impressions.

No inbound impression shipping cost and quicker case turnaround

Your cases are transmitted electronically via the Internet, so you save on the cost of overnight inbound shipping ($7). Plus, your monolithic BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, IPS e.max®, Inclusive Custom Abutment or implant case can be fabricated and shipped back to your office in as little as two days.


To send a case for a traditional or implant restoration through Sirona Connect, follow the standard Sirona scan protocol. Select your restoration preferences, and send scans of the prepared teeth with adjacent teeth, buccal bite and the opposing arch. For anterior cases, an additional scan of the preoperative condition or a scan with the temporary in place is recommended to achieve the best overall design.

3M™ True Definition Scanner

3M True Definition scan files can be sent to Smith-Sterling for the design and fabrication of traditional or implant restorations. True Definition Scanner users can contact 3M ESPE directly to add Smith-Sterling to your list of connected labs.

CS 3500®

Carestream CS 3500 users can send impression data in an open file format (.stl) to laboratories around the world. Smith-Sterling is a Carestream Dental Preferred Lab and is equipped to handle your case fabrication needs.

Planmeca PlanScan®

Planmeca PlanScan users can send scans via the E4D®Sky network in order to export case files in an open file format (.stl).


Send your 3Shape TRIOS scans to Smith-Sterling using 3Shape Communicate™. TRIOS order forms can be customized to match specific information requirements and offerings from Smith-Sterling, making it easy to create new orders, attach 2-D images and convey all case aspects to our lab. Minutes after your scanning is complete, our lab technicians can receive your TRIOS digital impressions and immediately start designing your traditional or implant restoration. When your design is complete, a 3-D model will automatically be sent to the 3Shape Communicate site for you to review before we begin fabricating your restoration.


After receiving a scan file for a traditional or implant restoration, clinicians can transmit the data to an approved laboratory by selecting “Send” on the screen. Contact Align Technology directly to add Smith-Sterling to your list of “Favorite Labs.”