Quality Commitment

We Have Invested in Digital Technologies that Benefit You

At Smith-Sterling, we are committed to providing quality restorations. Our dedicated team of technicians ensures that each case is fabricated with an unsurpassed degree of precision. Equipped with the finest equipment and materials, our trained staff works hard to produce consistently beautiful restorations that exude a natural look and fit.


Using precision CAD/CAM technology, Smith-Sterling Dental Laboratories delivers consistently high-quality dental restorations at excellent values. Technicians at Smith-Sterling are trained on the latest precision milling systems, digital case scanners and dental design software, enabling the lab to offer the most modern materials. Our computerized workflows help us achieve clinician-desired quality. What’s more, we can pass the savings from reduced local labor costs on to you.


Smith-Sterling is American owned and operated, and we employ a proven quality management system throughout the dental lab. Your cases are verified at each step of the digital fabrication process, and then checked by our trained dental technicians. If the case doesn’t meet your expectations, our restorations are backed by a no-fault remake policy.


At Smith-Sterling Dental Laboratories, we take pride in every case. All of our restorations and dental devices are manufactured from FDA-registered materials. Clinicians can rest easy knowing that cases sent to Smith-Sterling will be fabricated with the latest laboratory technologies, which ensure accurate fits, precise margins and patient-pleasing esthetics.