Comfort H/S™ Bite Splints

Comfort H/S Bite Splint

Comfort H/S Bite Splints

The Comfort H/S Hard Soft Bite Splint takes the shock out of parafunctional habits. Designed to alleviate the pain and damage caused by bruxing or clenching, the Comfort H/S Bite Splint is also the most widely prescribed bite splint due to its comfort and fit. Two layers make up each splint: a 1 mm soft polyurethane inner layer and a 3 mm hard copolyester outer layer. The soft internal surface rests comfortably against the teeth and gums, while the hard occlusal surface provides durability and bonds with acrylic for easy modification.

Comfort H/S Bite Splints are available in clear, blue and pink. Each splint is made with a flat occlusal plane and slight opposing cusp indentation, or to your specific bite plane needs. The copolyester and polyurethane materials are BPA-free and manufactured in Germany by ISO-certified ERKODENT®, a leader in thermoforming materials. Help your patients take a proactive step in protecting their existing healthy teeth by prescribing a patient-specific Comfort H/S Bite Splint.

Start with an accurate, void-free impression of both arches. Ensure no tears or bubbles are present in impression material for precision fit. Instruct patient to close into centric relation to verify midline position and bite. Then, place two cotton rolls behind the cuspids and instruct patient to close; with patient in open bite, inject bite registration into the posterior openings of both quadrants. In addition, inject bite registration into anterior opening to capture a complete open construction bite.

Seat splint and evaluate fit and retention. If adjustments are necessary, adjust with carbide bur or Lisko-S disc. Polish if needed. Once seated in the patient’s mouth, check bite with marking tape to identify premature occlusion; adjust and polish as needed.